Monday, January 23, 2012


Nominations are now open for the 2012 David Swanson Award. Please send your letters of nomination by email to the committee chair, Stephen Reese, University of Texas, by March 16, 2012. Include in your letter a brief description of service by your nominee to political communication. More information about the award is below.

The David Swanson Award for Service to Political Communication Scholarship recognizes distinguished and sustained contributions to the field as planners, editors, and leaders and in roles that require time and energy, innovation, and personal dedication. The award honors David Swanson, one of the founders of political communication who gave exemplary service to the ICA Political Communication Division and the APSA Political Communication Section. In his memory, the ICA division presents the award every other year. The joint award committee includes representatives of the ICA division and APSA section.

The ICA division chair appoints members with the advice of the APSA chair. The committee receives nominations and generates additional candidates, deliberates on the pool of potential awardees, and makes a selection. The winner receives the award plaque at the annual business meeting of the ICA Political Communication Division.

Past Recipients:
2010 Doris Graber, University of Illinois
2008 Wolfgang Donsbach, Dresden University of Technology
2006 Ann Crigler, University of Southern California

The 2012 David Swanson Award Committee: Ann Crigler, U of Southern California, USA; Kathleen Hall Jamieson, U of Pennsylvania, USA; Carsten Reinemann, Ludwig Maximilians U, Germany; Steve Reese, U. of Texas, Austin, USA (Chair) and Magdalena Wojcieszak, IE University, Spain.

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