Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Entman Wins Prestigious Humboldt Prize

Entman is World’s First Political Communications Scholar to Receive Award

Robert Entman, J.B. and M.C. Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs and professor of international affairs at the George Washington University, has won the prestigious international Alexander von Humboldt Research Award for his field-changing contributions to political communication. Dr. Entman is the world’s first political communication scholar and the first from George Washington University to receive this award, and he will work at the Free University of Berlin for the majority of 2012. While in Germany, he will conduct comparative research in order to better understand how inequality has grown faster in the United States than in Western Europe.

"I am delighted to be the first Humboldt Award recipient recognized for contributions to political communication scholarship," said Dr. Entman. "I appreciate this acknowledgment of the media’s fundamental role in shaping politics and democracy."

Dr. Entman’s award-winning research focuses on media framing and bias and the media’s influence on foreign policy, race relations and other important areas of American politics. His 1993 conceptualization of framing has been cited in thousands of scholarly works. Dr. Entman will release a new book in March 2012 entitled Scandal and Silence: Media Responses to Presidential Misconduct. Using a series of recent case studies, he argues against the commonly-held view that media eagerly work themselves into "feeding frenzies" over sex scandals and other wrong-doings by top politicians.

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