Friday, December 10, 2010

2008 National Annenberg Election Survey Online Data Now Available on APPC web site

The National Annenberg Election Survey 2008 Online Edition (NAES08-Online) is now available to academic scholars on the Annenberg Public Policy web site. NAES08-Online is a is a 5-wave large-scale public opinion panel survey conducted via the Internet and designed to track the dynamics of political attitudes, perceptions, and behavior over the 2008 US primary and general presidential election campaigns. It is a companion to the National Annenberg Election Survey 2008 Phone Edition (NAES08-Phone), a telephone-based survey that was conducted during an overlapping field period and asked many of the same or comparable questions.

NAES08-Online consists of interviews with a nationally representative random sample of 28,985 respondents, covering a range of topics about the presidential campaign and politics generally, including candidates and political figures, current policy issues, media use, campaign discourse, political participation, and voting behavior. A section of questions about social groups focused on perceptions of race and gender in US society.

The main set of interviewing was conducted from October 2007 through January 2009, and the majority of respondents were interviewed multiple times during this period. Interviewing was segmented into five multi-month waves, corresponding to the major divisions of the campaign: pre-primary, primary election, spring and summer, general election, and post-election. All participants in a wave were invited to be reinterviewed for all subsequent waves; among the 28,985 NAES08-Online respondents, 23,033 participated in at least two NAES waves, and 10,472 participated in all five NAES waves.

Respondents also participated in up to two profile waves to provide demographic and other background information.

If you are affiliated with an academic institution you are eligible to download the NAES data. To access these important and relevant data, go to the Annenberg Public Policy Center web site, register, and click on “Data Sets†onthe left-hand side of the home page.

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